About CTEC

Our Philosophy

CTEC believes that all children have talent, or the ability to learn. The potential of every child is unlimited. CTEC is a school-home, where all children are loved and respected as unique human beings. His virtues, dislikes, manner of studying, tastes, and character are recognized. His capabilities and difficulties as regard to study as well as his parents and home atmosphere are known and taken into account.


CTEC is commited to the total, balanced, and maximum development of the child during his formative years. Therefore, all aspects of his growth and development are considered in its educational program, namely:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Moral
  • Creative


CTEC is aware that a child's environment nurtures growth. CTEC serves to facilitate the interaction between the child and the environment through a choice of purposeful self-activities suited to the child's needs and capabilities.

CTEC aims to create an environment for children that is free from pressure so that they may gain skills, a sense of purpose in life, an understanding of discipline, and an appreciation of beauty.


"Everything is for the love of the chid, for the love of teaching the child, for the love of knowledge taught to the child, but the child always comes first. Where love is deep, much can be accomplished." - Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

CTEC Facilities

  • Spacious airconditioned classrooms
  • Large playground with child-safe equipment
  • Safe campus with security guards
  • Waiting area for fetchers
  • Age-appropriate materials and educational toys
  • Library of over 5000 children's books and resource materials
  • Multi-purpose hall and musical instruments and facilities
  • Library of educational CDs and DVDs with equipment for video viewing

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