When our son was three-and-a-half years old, we decided to put him in preschool, knowing that he would be mature enough to socialize with peers and explore the world beyond the home. We wanted a school that was near our house, and with grounds to play in and caring teachers.

CTEC met our requirements, and our son thrived there. He loved music (still does), and CTEC had a good music program, as well as activities to keep the class learning constantly. He was lucky having good teachers.

Dr. Queena Lee-Chua, noted mathematician, PDI columnist and mother of Scott

My child improved, learned and most of all, enjoyed a lot studying at CTEC. The staff,and also the guards are very accommodating. I am very satisfied for choosing CTEC as the first school of Maxine

Marivic Dompor,

I really am very much satisfied with the way CTEC somehow contributed to the proper development of my child with regards to socialization, academics and spiritual awareness

Eddie Muriel Castano,

...the well-run Children's Talent Education Center in Greenhills...

Jose M. Jr. and Anita Meily, grandparents of Monica Mendiola, PANORAMA columnists
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