The CTEC Curriculum is...

Developmentally Appropriate Planned according to each of the children's needs, capabilities, feelings, interests and experiences.


Your child's physical, socio-emotional, intellectual, moral and creative growth are also fostered.


Any theme of interest to your child can be a starting point to learn about social studies, art, music, math, language arts, geography, cultures, and more.


The balance of traditional and progressive approaches in CTEC is supplemented by the Suzuki Method in Music and Early Childhood Education.

Dalcroze - Eurythmics and KinderMusik as well as oral and written Mandarin.


CTEC meets the educational requirements of the big schools in the community where you intend to send your children after graduation.

Graduates of CTEC consistently pass the entrance examinations and excel in the big schools.

CTEC Teachers

are graduates of educational institutions such as the University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, La Salle, Ateneo, St. Paul's, Assumption, PNU and schools abroad specializing in Early Childhood Education, Child Psychology and Music. They are required to obtain 18 units in Early Childhood Education and Master's Degrees. They also attend training seminars to keep up with the latest developments in early childhood education.

CTEC Parents

are considered as partners of the school. They are required to attend meetings, lectures, cultural programs and parent-teacher conferences. During conferences, parents are informed of the progress and limitations of their child, and advised on how to help the child improve. Parents with special hobbies and talents may also become resource persons, or may serve as parent coordinators.


About Admissions

CTEC has a non-discriminatory admissions policy

for children who are 2-6 years of age. Each prospective pupil must be able to communicate verbally and must be of good physical, emotional and mental health. He should also be toilet-trained.

New enrollees are required to have

• Enrollment questionnaire form completely filled up

• Photocopy of the child's birth certificate

• Medical certificate from the child's pediatrician

• 4 colored ID pictures (1x1) of the child

• 4 colored ID pictures (1x1) of
each authorized fetcher

• Transfer students must bring previous
report cards or assessments

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